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Cyber Insurance Quote

If you heard about Cyber Insurance but did not think you needed it well think again.  Every business now has the exposure. 

"Are you able to work when the internet or power is down? The answer for most of us is a clear, NO.  Now think what will happen when all of your online business programs are hacked and held hostage."

This is what happens when you become a victim of a cyber breach.  Cyber criminals will hack your accounts, read your emails, and install malicious code on your servers.  The code does not get noticed by the antivirus software providers because it's designed to look friendly.  The malicious code can be used to read key stokes and steal your passwords.  Further, hackers will pretend to be you and send files pretending to be you.  Once that person opens the email their computers are also hacked. 


Cyber Liability Insurance is more critical that you think.  When cyber hackers strike, it's instant and paralyzing.  With a standard business loss such as a lawsuit, it take months to a year before you a liable to pay the other party.  Whereas, hackers will make a demand in crypto currency and force you to pay and so that you regain access to your systems.


Our cyber insurance programs offer a variety of coverages that include ransom payments.  These quick solutions will allow your business to function once again.   



  • Enterprise Security Event; Data Breach

  • Payment Card Industry - Data Security

  • Privacy Regulation


  • Crisis Management 

  • Fraud Response

  • Public Relations 

  • Forensic and Legal Expense

  • Extortion Loss

  • Extortion Threat Reward Reimbursement Expense

  • Ransomware Loss

  • Website Media Liability

  • Reputation Harm

  • Bricking Coverage - coverage for your computer systems

  • Invoice Manipulation

  • Social Engineering Fraud Loss

  • Telecommunications Theft Loss  


  • Service Disruption 

  • Service Failure

  • Data Recovery Expense

When a Cyber Insurance Quote start at $267 a year.  There is no reason to delay buying cyber insurance.

The above is a summary of coverage from just one of our cyber insurance programs.  We offer access to virtually all Cyber Insurance Companies from the American and London insurance markets.

This is why we are know as the Cyber Insurance Pros!

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